Friday, November 20, 2009

Warriors Series by Erin Hunter

The Warriors Series are great books for the upper level elementary student that loves animals and mythical stories. The A.R. level for most of these books is fifth grade and they are 10-12 point books. The boys really enjoy these books, but I have seen a few girls that read them, and really enjoyed them. The books are written by Erin Hunter. She has written several other series such as the Power of Three, Manga, Seekers, and many more.

Webber's Reviews

4th Grade - Dylan's review - Cinderpelt let out a weary sigh. She had come to shake rocks as fast as her uneven legs could run and did her best to patch u the worst of Bright Paw's injuries with cobwebs to stop the bleeding and poppy seed for the pain. At last the apprentice had recovered enough to be dragged back through the forest to camp and now she lay unconscious in a nest amonth the ferns near Cinderpelt's den.

Tate's review - Warriors are very good books. You fell like you are one of the cats in the story. You see what is happening when a scripter said "Lion blaze's pelt bristled. " I feel my neck hairs bristling so you really think you are there.!!!!!

5th Grade - Matthew F. says that the Warrors series is a captivating (for people like me) story. The series is about the Warrior cat Firestar. In these books you will figure out that some of the clans live off of lies. As you go throught the series the cat named Rusty turns into Firepaw, Fireheart, and finally Firestar.

Bryson's favorite Warrior book is Ice and Fire. They are the best books ever. Firepaw becomes Fireheart. Windclan comes back, and NIghtpelt becomes Nightstar.

Mrs. Rose's Review - The books are about a cat named named Rusty who laters is named Firepaw and then Fireheart. He is house pet that joins one of the clans of wild cats that live in the woods. He has to overcome the ThunderClan cats because they don't like pets. He has to prove his worth as a warrior and as a friend.

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