Monday, November 23, 2009

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Gary Paulsen is one of my favorite Elementary-Junior High level authors. His books are written for boys, but I think that nearly all of the girls would enjoy his books. Hatchet is a fifth grade book, and it is worth seven points. The fifth grade reading teacher recently read this book to the fifth grade class and they loved it!!!! I received about twenty five reviews on it. Way to go Mrs. Neinast!!!!

Webber's Reviews

5th Grade

Ashley wrote that Gary Paulsen wrote a book that made you feel like you were in the book. Brian was trapped in the wilderness because the plane crashed. He had to live like he had lived there for years. He was there for 42 days. He found a supply box, a gun, emergency transmitter, pots, and food in the crashed airplane. He didn't feel the same, he felt different.

Audra wrote that she liked it because he had a plane crash and he had to survive in the forest. All the tools he had was his hatchet. He got hurt alot, but he toughed it out. At the end, he got in the plane and got a survival pack and was rescued.

Jennifer said that the book was interesting. She liked it because he crashed and he lived. It was about how he caught the fish and the fool birds. He had to drink water from a lake and he threw up.

Samantha wrote that Brian had a crash into a forest. He had to survive until he was found. He had to eat raw meat. His weapon was a hatchet. He had to find food and drink lake water.

Angelica said that Hatchet is a good book because Brian is in a plane crash and lands in a forest. He has to try to survive. He has to eat raw fish, and raw turtle eggs. At the end, Brian gets saved because he found an emergency transmitter in the plane and thought it was broken but it wasn't. Another pilot and saved him. He also said he would to to the forest again and try to survive in the winter.

Mrs. Rose's Review- Hatchet is about a young boy whose parents recently divorced. He is flying in a small aircraft to see his father. The pilot has a heart attack and the plane crashes. The boy survives but has to learn how to take care of himself in the wilderness.

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