Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spiderwick Chronicles by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black

The Spiderwick Chronicles are written and illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black. These books are short fourth grade level AR books. I suggest that after you read the series, you rent the movie because the books are always better than the movie.
Spiderwick Series
Field Guide
Seeing Stone
Lucinda's Secret
Seeing Stone
The Wrath of Mulgrath
Others Spiderwick books in our Library are:
Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles series
The Field Guide
The Webber Reviews
4th Grade - Colin thought the Spiderwick books were interesting. He wrote that number five was the best book in the series. The books had all kinds of adventures in the woods. They tried to save their mom from the evil clutches of the goblins, and then they fought against the giant goblin. They saved the magical creatures after that.
Brenden E. liked the books because they have interesting characters and creatures. One of the characters is Tibbletack and another creature is a goblin.
5th Grade - Julissa wrote the reason I liked the book is because of the giant. My favorite book in the series is The Nixie's Song. It has lots of adventure, and that is the reason that she likes it.
Keric's favorite book was The Wrath of Mulgrath. The reason he liked it was that it has violence, cool characters, and cool places.
Mrs. Rose's review - The books are about three kids that have to move into an old house because their parents got a divorce. Their Mom didn't have enough money so they moved into their Great Aunt's old house that had been put into the nuthouse. They thought their Aunt was crazy, but they start hearing things as soon as they move in the house too. You will have to read more to see what they find.

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