Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Goosebumps by R.L. Stine

Our library has about twenty five Goosebump books to choose from. These books are third grade level AR books, and most of them are worth three ARpoints. They are written by R. L. Stine. Another R.L. Stine series that we have in the library is Rotten School. They are books about a boy that is attending the I.B. Rotten School, and he is always in some kind of trouble. These books are still at a third grade level, but are shorter than the Goosebump books.

I asked the students at H.P. Webb to review some of the books and here are the results:

3rd Grade

Rolando wrote a review about about a boy who tore his pants, and found a book that said that people could fly. He began to fly after making some of the recipes in the book. Read the book to find out what happens next...........

Zane also wrote a review about a book called Hill House. Two kids do pranks on Flyfalls Avenue, and they are looking for a head. There is a ghost at the house on Flyfalls Ave. that is about to take the boys head off, but they found a passage to a tunnel that leads to a cursed room.........You will have to read the book to find out how it ends.

4th Grade-

Samuel says that Goosebumps are funny and scary. His favorite book is Headless Ghost because it is scary. He says I like the part when the ghost is trying to find his head, and he almost got the girl's head.

Savannah writes that her favorite book is Monster Blood. She likes it because she doesn't know what is going to happen next, and she couldn't figure out the case.

Carlos review say that he likes the book Vampire Breath. It is about to rain when Jose heard a noise in the basement. When he opend the door he jumped. He was so scared he screamed, but it was only his brother and he jumped into his arms.

Evan says that Goosebumps are so scary. I had a Goosebumps, and it was so cool. It didn't have picutres, but it was a twenty capture book (Mrs. Rose isn't sure what that means).

Fracisco's favorite Goosebumps book was Night of the Living Dummy because it was scary and kind of fun. Slappy and his friends trap the kids. His friend Rocky helped the kids get free.

5th Grade

Joshua writes that he likes Night of the Living Dummy II because the Dad finds a dummy and fixes it up and the dummy had words on it. The Dad read them and the dummy came alive, and everbody started to blame the sister for the dummy.

Jesus liked the book I am not Afraid of Bees. He is always getting bullied, so he played on his computer. He wants to switch bodies, and he turns into a bee.

Mrs. Rose's Review - The Goosebump series are third grade level books that are fun books to read. I was not sure as a parent if these books were appropriate for children, but after reading a couple they really are. They are scary enough to pull the students into the book, with enough humor to keep it light.

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