Monday, November 23, 2009

How to Steal a Dog by Barbara O' Connor

There are several books in the library that I really loved when I read them, but this is one that I read recently and really enjoyed it. The book is a fourth grade level book that is worth five points. I recommend this books to the fourth and fifth grade girls. Not many students have read this books so I only have a couple of reviews.

5th Grade

Isabel H. loved the book. It had information about how to steal a dog but not really. It was about a little girl that wanted to live in a real house. She lived in a car though. At the end of the book she didn't really steal a dog, but her mom did get a job and a house.

Brooke wrote that it was a good book. It was about a girl that was poor and she stole a dog to try to get money for her family. She loved the book because it was cool and sad.

Mrs. Rose's review - A little girl's parents get a divorce and the dad leaves them without any money and no place to live. Mom can't find a good job, so they have to live in their car. The little girls sees a reward sign for a lost dog. She decides that she could steal a dog, and get the reward money for a lost dog to help pay the bills. You will have to read the book to see if she really steals the dog.

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