Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Keeper of the Night written by Kimberly Willis Holt

Keeper of the Night is a 4th grade A.R. book, and it is worth 5.0 points. In the three years that I have been working in the elementary library I have decided that my favorite author is Kimberly Willis Holt. I love everything that she has written and I think you will too.

Webber's Reviews- I don't have any reviews written by the Webbers because.........I have begged them to read it, but I am guessing the cover turns them away. I am determined to get one of my fifth grade girls to read it before the year is over!!!!

Other Kimberly Willis Holt Books

Part of Me

Mister and Me

My Louisiana Sky

When Zachary Beaver comes to Town


Piper Reed books

Mrs. Rose's review - Keeper of the Night is about a young girl in Guam whose Mother committed suicide. The family runs a small store. The story is about how the young girl has to take care of her brother, sister, and Dad. Her Dad does not handle the situation very well, and she struggles to fit anywhere after this happens. Each chapter is about how she grows each day, and how things get easier with time but things will never be the same as before.

Hugo Cabret written and illustrated by Brian Selznick


Hugo Cabret is the ultimate book for the upper level elementary student that wants to look like they are reading a big, thick book. It is a 5th grade level book and it is worth 4 points. It is 533 pages long, but it mostly beautiful pencil illustrations. The book won the Caldecott Award in 2008, which is the most prestigious award given for illustrations.

I forgot to set the book out when I asked the students to write review for the books so I do not have any student reviews.

Mrs. Rose's Review - Hugo Cabret was a wonderful book. It had outstanding illustrations, and a great story to go along with it. It is about a 12-year-old orphaned boy that is a young thief in the 1930's in a Paris train station. He is living in the station secretly. He works on a project that he later finds out that it was started by his father. He works on it throughout the book by stealing items to make it work. It is a very heartwarming story that I would suggest for boys or girls.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Gary Paulsen is one of my favorite Elementary-Junior High level authors. His books are written for boys, but I think that nearly all of the girls would enjoy his books. Hatchet is a fifth grade book, and it is worth seven points. The fifth grade reading teacher recently read this book to the fifth grade class and they loved it!!!! I received about twenty five reviews on it. Way to go Mrs. Neinast!!!!

Webber's Reviews

5th Grade

Ashley wrote that Gary Paulsen wrote a book that made you feel like you were in the book. Brian was trapped in the wilderness because the plane crashed. He had to live like he had lived there for years. He was there for 42 days. He found a supply box, a gun, emergency transmitter, pots, and food in the crashed airplane. He didn't feel the same, he felt different.

Audra wrote that she liked it because he had a plane crash and he had to survive in the forest. All the tools he had was his hatchet. He got hurt alot, but he toughed it out. At the end, he got in the plane and got a survival pack and was rescued.

Jennifer said that the book was interesting. She liked it because he crashed and he lived. It was about how he caught the fish and the fool birds. He had to drink water from a lake and he threw up.

Samantha wrote that Brian had a crash into a forest. He had to survive until he was found. He had to eat raw meat. His weapon was a hatchet. He had to find food and drink lake water.

Angelica said that Hatchet is a good book because Brian is in a plane crash and lands in a forest. He has to try to survive. He has to eat raw fish, and raw turtle eggs. At the end, Brian gets saved because he found an emergency transmitter in the plane and thought it was broken but it wasn't. Another pilot and saved him. He also said he would to to the forest again and try to survive in the winter.

Mrs. Rose's Review- Hatchet is about a young boy whose parents recently divorced. He is flying in a small aircraft to see his father. The pilot has a heart attack and the plane crashes. The boy survives but has to learn how to take care of himself in the wilderness.

How to Steal a Dog by Barbara O' Connor

There are several books in the library that I really loved when I read them, but this is one that I read recently and really enjoyed it. The book is a fourth grade level book that is worth five points. I recommend this books to the fourth and fifth grade girls. Not many students have read this books so I only have a couple of reviews.

5th Grade

Isabel H. loved the book. It had information about how to steal a dog but not really. It was about a little girl that wanted to live in a real house. She lived in a car though. At the end of the book she didn't really steal a dog, but her mom did get a job and a house.

Brooke wrote that it was a good book. It was about a girl that was poor and she stole a dog to try to get money for her family. She loved the book because it was cool and sad.

Mrs. Rose's review - A little girl's parents get a divorce and the dad leaves them without any money and no place to live. Mom can't find a good job, so they have to live in their car. The little girls sees a reward sign for a lost dog. She decides that she could steal a dog, and get the reward money for a lost dog to help pay the bills. You will have to read the book to see if she really steals the dog.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hank the Cowdog


Hank the Cowdog books are written by John Erickson. Mr. Erickson has written fifty books about Hank and his life on the ranch. The books are 4th and 5th grade level books. They are 3-4 points boooks, and are a good series for students that love animals.

Webber's Reviews

I had three 4th grade students that wrote a review, but I have no idea where I have put them. As soon as I find them, I will post your reviews!!!

I found them!!! I just need the Thanksgiving break. They were in the drawer that I had searched in several times.

4th Grade

Zachary writes that Hank the Cowdog is for everyone. He solves cases and he always has a case to solve. I like the part where Pete told him their was a pot of chicken.

Madison wrote that you should read Hank the Cowdog books. They are about this dog named Hank. My favorite book in the series is Hank the Cowdog and Monkey Business. The part that I like the best is when the box opens and the monkey jumps on him. I like that all of his books have a song.

Mrs. Rose's Review - Hank is a cowdog that lives on a ranch. He is the narrator of these stories, and he is a mess. He likes to think that he is head of security at the ranch, but he doesn't always do a good job. He believes that he doesn't do anything wrong though. The stories make me laugh out loud because I live on a farm with three cowdogs, and I can see each of their personalities in these dogs in the story.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Warriors Series by Erin Hunter


The Warriors Series are great books for the upper level elementary student that loves animals and mythical stories. The A.R. level for most of these books is fifth grade and they are 10-12 point books. The boys really enjoy these books, but I have seen a few girls that read them, and really enjoyed them. The books are written by Erin Hunter. She has written several other series such as the Power of Three, Manga, Seekers, and many more.

Webber's Reviews

4th Grade - Dylan's review - Cinderpelt let out a weary sigh. She had come to shake rocks as fast as her uneven legs could run and did her best to patch u the worst of Bright Paw's injuries with cobwebs to stop the bleeding and poppy seed for the pain. At last the apprentice had recovered enough to be dragged back through the forest to camp and now she lay unconscious in a nest amonth the ferns near Cinderpelt's den.

Tate's review - Warriors are very good books. You fell like you are one of the cats in the story. You see what is happening when a scripter said "Lion blaze's pelt bristled. " I feel my neck hairs bristling so you really think you are there.!!!!!

5th Grade - Matthew F. says that the Warrors series is a captivating (for people like me) story. The series is about the Warrior cat Firestar. In these books you will figure out that some of the clans live off of lies. As you go throught the series the cat named Rusty turns into Firepaw, Fireheart, and finally Firestar.

Bryson's favorite Warrior book is Ice and Fire. They are the best books ever. Firepaw becomes Fireheart. Windclan comes back, and NIghtpelt becomes Nightstar.

Mrs. Rose's Review - The books are about a cat named named Rusty who laters is named Firepaw and then Fireheart. He is house pet that joins one of the clans of wild cats that live in the woods. He has to overcome the ThunderClan cats because they don't like pets. He has to prove his worth as a warrior and as a friend.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spiderwick Chronicles by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black


The Spiderwick Chronicles are written and illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black. These books are short fourth grade level AR books. I suggest that after you read the series, you rent the movie because the books are always better than the movie.
Spiderwick Series
Field Guide
Seeing Stone
Lucinda's Secret
Seeing Stone
The Wrath of Mulgrath
Others Spiderwick books in our Library are:
Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles series
The Field Guide
The Webber Reviews
4th Grade - Colin thought the Spiderwick books were interesting. He wrote that number five was the best book in the series. The books had all kinds of adventures in the woods. They tried to save their mom from the evil clutches of the goblins, and then they fought against the giant goblin. They saved the magical creatures after that.
Brenden E. liked the books because they have interesting characters and creatures. One of the characters is Tibbletack and another creature is a goblin.
5th Grade - Julissa wrote the reason I liked the book is because of the giant. My favorite book in the series is The Nixie's Song. It has lots of adventure, and that is the reason that she likes it.
Keric's favorite book was The Wrath of Mulgrath. The reason he liked it was that it has violence, cool characters, and cool places.
Mrs. Rose's review - The books are about three kids that have to move into an old house because their parents got a divorce. Their Mom didn't have enough money so they moved into their Great Aunt's old house that had been put into the nuthouse. They thought their Aunt was crazy, but they start hearing things as soon as they move in the house too. You will have to read more to see what they find.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne


Magic Tree House books are great for you if you have a big imagination. They are written by Mary Pope Osborne. We have several other 4th and 5th grade level books in the library They are 3rd grade level books worth one point. These are great for the student that is reading small chapter books.

H.P. Webber's Reviews

3rd Grade- Dante's favorite Magic Treehouse book is Dinosaurs before Dark. He likes it because it is the first one in the series, and that is when they find the treehouse.

Zane's likes the Knight of the Penguin. It is about penguins in the Anartic that save Mrs. McFae from the curse.

Eugene's favorite book is the Knight of the Ninjas. The ninjas follow the kids and they chase a rat. They chase the rat because he knows the way back to the tree house.

4th Grade - Aaron C. wrote that he likes The Night of the New Magicians because they ride a bike in the air. He likes all the Magic Tree House books because they have to solve mysteries.

Nate says that Magic Tree House books are cool!!! They go on adventures because of the tree house, and they see lots of things.

Brenden B. wrote that Dinosaurs Before Dark is for everyone, that means boys and girls. They are in a tree house and go back or forward in time.

Aaron G. wrote that Seasons of the Sandstorms has camels and sandstorms. They hid the book when there was a bad guy. When they got on the camel they saw that they were hunchbacked.

Sarahi likes the Magic Tree House books because they are cool!!! Her favorite book is Blizzard of the Blue Moon. SHe likes that book because of the actions, and because they are trying to save a unicorn.

Mrs. Rose's Review - These books are about a brother and sister that find a tree house. When they climb in the tree house, it is full of books. They take the books off the shelf to read and the tree house starts spinning. It takes them to a place or time that the book was about. The little sister is always ready to go, but her brother is a little reluctant.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Goosebumps by R.L. Stine


Our library has about twenty five Goosebump books to choose from. These books are third grade level AR books, and most of them are worth three ARpoints. They are written by R. L. Stine. Another R.L. Stine series that we have in the library is Rotten School. They are books about a boy that is attending the I.B. Rotten School, and he is always in some kind of trouble. These books are still at a third grade level, but are shorter than the Goosebump books.

I asked the students at H.P. Webb to review some of the books and here are the results:

3rd Grade

Rolando wrote a review about about a boy who tore his pants, and found a book that said that people could fly. He began to fly after making some of the recipes in the book. Read the book to find out what happens next...........

Zane also wrote a review about a book called Hill House. Two kids do pranks on Flyfalls Avenue, and they are looking for a head. There is a ghost at the house on Flyfalls Ave. that is about to take the boys head off, but they found a passage to a tunnel that leads to a cursed room.........You will have to read the book to find out how it ends.

4th Grade-

Samuel says that Goosebumps are funny and scary. His favorite book is Headless Ghost because it is scary. He says I like the part when the ghost is trying to find his head, and he almost got the girl's head.

Savannah writes that her favorite book is Monster Blood. She likes it because she doesn't know what is going to happen next, and she couldn't figure out the case.

Carlos review say that he likes the book Vampire Breath. It is about to rain when Jose heard a noise in the basement. When he opend the door he jumped. He was so scared he screamed, but it was only his brother and he jumped into his arms.

Evan says that Goosebumps are so scary. I had a Goosebumps, and it was so cool. It didn't have picutres, but it was a twenty capture book (Mrs. Rose isn't sure what that means).

Fracisco's favorite Goosebumps book was Night of the Living Dummy because it was scary and kind of fun. Slappy and his friends trap the kids. His friend Rocky helped the kids get free.

5th Grade

Joshua writes that he likes Night of the Living Dummy II because the Dad finds a dummy and fixes it up and the dummy had words on it. The Dad read them and the dummy came alive, and everbody started to blame the sister for the dummy.

Jesus liked the book I am not Afraid of Bees. He is always getting bullied, so he played on his computer. He wants to switch bodies, and he turns into a bee.

Mrs. Rose's Review - The Goosebump series are third grade level books that are fun books to read. I was not sure as a parent if these books were appropriate for children, but after reading a couple they really are. They are scary enough to pull the students into the book, with enough humor to keep it light.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Judy Moody books by Megan McDonald
We have several Judy Moody books in the library, and we have Stink Books also. Stink is Judy Moody's brother who is always up to something.

Some of the Judy Moody titles are:

Judy Moody
Judy Moody gets Famous
Judy Moody Declares Independence
Judy Moody is in a Mood, Not a Good Mood but a Bad Mood
Judy Moody Predicts the Future
Judy Moody Save the World

Stink Titles:

Stink: The Incredible Stinking Kid
Stink and the Super Galactice Jawbreaker
Stink the the Worlds Worst Super Stinky Sneakers

Judy Moody has a website that is that has a fan club that you can join. You can look at book reviews, and learn about her newest books. The website is:
I asked my students to write about one of these books and here are some of the reviews they gave:

3rd Grade

Mrs. Ford's class tells about Judy Moody Around the World in Eight Days - She gets jealous because another reporter was on the front of a newpaper. She wanted to travel the world.

Mrs. Soliz's Class says that she has a bad attitude and she is funny. They said that Stink is her brother, and he wears dirty sneakers and hangs around with weird friends

4th Grade

Judith say that Judy Moody Books are really good and funny to read. She is always in a mood and her problems are always weird for some reason.

Gabby says that she always annoying her brother and she is crazy. Her problems are very funny.

Stephanie's favorite Judy Moody book is Judy Moody was in a Mood. Not a Good Mood, a Bad Mood. She writes that when her teachers assigns the class the task of creating "Me" collages, it puts Judy and friends in a cut and paste mood.

Alyssa writes that she loves Judy Moody because she is funny and cool. Her favorite book is Judy Moody gets Famous because Jessica French is famous and she gets famous too.

5th Grade

Jazmin's favorite Judy Moody book is Judy Moody Declares Independence. She liked it because it has to do with Judy believing that she is ready for more independence to do more things. Not just for her but for her parents and brother.

Mrs. Rose's Judy Moody review - Judy Moody is a feisty, enthusiastic girl that is loads of fun!!! She has a huge imagination and is always ready to explore or try something new and creative. The books are filled with great illustrations that Peter Reynolds drew. I think that Judy Moody is a great step up for students that are reading small chapter books. These books will keep you entertained from the beginning to the end.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some of My Favorite Elementary Books

I invite you to visit the H.P. Webb Library. Let me start out by telling you about our library. First, you need to stop by and see our beautiful facility, and our great selection of books. The shelves are full of books for Pre-K to Fifth graders to enjoy. Second, The Academic Booster Club had a very talented lady from Olton paint book characters around the library. She painted characters such as Junie B. Jones, Curious George, Nate the Great, Arthur, The Boxcar Children, Roald Dahl's BFG and more. Third, Our library is a little different from most, sometimes I call it a jungle full of monkeys. We try to keep it upbeat and fun, and it isn't always as quiet as your typical library.

Pictures of Webb Library

We have several contests through the year to encourage the students to read, and we have a great selection of books. The biggest contest that we have is the Accelerated Reader wall. The theme this year is "Racing to Read". The students recieve points for each book they read, and as they reach a new level they earn prizes and get to move their Mustang on the racetrack.

"Racing to Read" Prizes "Racing to Read" Racetrack

We have four contests inside the library throughout the school year also.

  • The first contest is KICK of the school year with a good book!!! The students get to kick a paper football through a small homemade goal post each time they make a good grade on an A.R. book. Each field goal earns stickers. The top 5 students from each classroom get to attend an autograph party with the football players and cheerleaders.

  • The second contest is the Christmas contest. Each student gets a wish present (pictures I cut out of circulars) and a sticker for each book they make a good grade on. The winners wear their pajamas to a Polar Express party in the library with hot chocolate, cookies, and a movie.

  • After Christmas break we start the Blizzard party. The students decorate the library with paper snowflakes. Each student gets to throw a snowball through a wooden cutout of a snowman for good grades on an AR book. The winners get to go to the Dairy Queen for a blizzard.

  • We finish the year with a Coke Float contest. The students are trying to progress to the next level by this time of the year so the contest changes. They are filling up a coke float on the bulletin board by reading "bigger" books. The winners go to a coke float and water gun party at the park.

I was asked to choose my 10 favorite books but I couldn't do that so I chose series and a few of my favorite titles that you might enjoy.

Webbers - I want to hear from you and find out what your favorite books in the library have been through the years or make a request for a book that you would like to have in the library.

These are a few of my favorites.......

3rd Grade Series

Judy Moody Series by Megan McDonald

Goosebump Series by R.L. Stine

Magic Treehouse Series by Mary Pope Osborne

4th and 5th Grade

Spider Wick series by Tony DiTizzerilli

Warriors Series by Erin Hunter

Hank the Cowdog Series by John Erickson

A few 4th-5th grade books that I have read that I really enjoyed are

The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick

How to Steal A Dog by Barbara O' Connor

Keeper of the Night by Kimberly Willis Holt

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen