Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne


Magic Tree House books are great for you if you have a big imagination. They are written by Mary Pope Osborne. We have several other 4th and 5th grade level books in the library They are 3rd grade level books worth one point. These are great for the student that is reading small chapter books.

H.P. Webber's Reviews

3rd Grade- Dante's favorite Magic Treehouse book is Dinosaurs before Dark. He likes it because it is the first one in the series, and that is when they find the treehouse.

Zane's likes the Knight of the Penguin. It is about penguins in the Anartic that save Mrs. McFae from the curse.

Eugene's favorite book is the Knight of the Ninjas. The ninjas follow the kids and they chase a rat. They chase the rat because he knows the way back to the tree house.

4th Grade - Aaron C. wrote that he likes The Night of the New Magicians because they ride a bike in the air. He likes all the Magic Tree House books because they have to solve mysteries.

Nate says that Magic Tree House books are cool!!! They go on adventures because of the tree house, and they see lots of things.

Brenden B. wrote that Dinosaurs Before Dark is for everyone, that means boys and girls. They are in a tree house and go back or forward in time.

Aaron G. wrote that Seasons of the Sandstorms has camels and sandstorms. They hid the book when there was a bad guy. When they got on the camel they saw that they were hunchbacked.

Sarahi likes the Magic Tree House books because they are cool!!! Her favorite book is Blizzard of the Blue Moon. SHe likes that book because of the actions, and because they are trying to save a unicorn.

Mrs. Rose's Review - These books are about a brother and sister that find a tree house. When they climb in the tree house, it is full of books. They take the books off the shelf to read and the tree house starts spinning. It takes them to a place or time that the book was about. The little sister is always ready to go, but her brother is a little reluctant.

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